The House of Delegates is the policymaking body that decides MSV’s position on public policies.  Resolutions shape MSV’s position on the most pressing issues in healthcare.  In October, delegates will vote on whether to adopt submitted resolutions as official MSV policy.

You can download and view each individual resolution below. Commenting will be open on each resolution page until the close of business on October 13, 2017. 

17-101 Budget

17-102 Ten Year Review Resolution

17-103 Policy Compendium Update Resolution

17-104 Virginia Healthcare Entity

17-105 Truth in Advertising

17-106 Obesity Medicare and Insurance Coverage

17-107 MOC Fees

17-108 Membership in MSV Committees

17-109 Healthcare Human Right

17-110 Medical Student Clerkship Updated October 9, 2017

17-111 Good Samaritan Team Physicians

17-112 Human Trafficking

17-201 Medicaid Expansion

17-202 Medicare at 55 Act

17-203 Single Payer System

17-204 Gun Violence Restraining Orders Updated October 9, 2017

17-205 Medicaid SSDI Reform Updated October 9, 2017

17-206 Tobacco Control and Health Care

17-207 Step Therapy  Updated October 9, 2017

17-208 Revising Health Care Legislation

17-209 Resolution to Improve upon the Current Prior-Authorization Law in the State of Virginia

17-210 Opposing Health Plans Restricting Medically Necessary Care

17-211 ACA Insurance Provider Withdrawal

17-212 E-Prescribing of Schedule II Medications