The House of Delegates is the policymaking body that decides MSV’s position on public policies.  By submitting a resolution, you are shaping MSV’s position on the most pressing issues in health care.  

In October, delegates will vote on whether to adopt submitted resolutions as official MSV policy.

MSV HOD Delegate Handbook- Updated as of 10-12-2018

The deadline to submit resolutions has passed.

Speaker's Memo

MSV Policy Compendium

Rules of Procedure Current 

Proposed Changes to the Rules of Procedure

MSV Bylaws


You can view each submitted resolution below. Commenting will be open on each resolution page until the close of business on October 12, 2018. View a PDF of all resolutions here

18-101 - Medical Society of Virginia Proposed 2019 Budget

18-102 - 2018 MSV Policy Compendium 10 Year Review

18-103 - Updating MSV Bylaws to Increase Physician Participation

18-104 - Modernizing the Title of Executive Vice President

18-105 - Clarification of Leadership Conduct Policies and Procedures

18-106 - Physician and Medical Staff Bill of Rights

18-107 - Rescind Policy 45.1.07

18-108 - Establish Evidence-Based Guidelines for MSV Resolutions

18-109 - Amending MSV’s Policy on Balance Billing

18-110 - End Surprise Billing

18-111 - Improve Balance Billing

18-112 - WITHDRAWN 

18-113 - Medical Aid-in-Dying

18-201 - Truth in Advertising

18-202 - Remove Restrictive Covenants for Healthcare Providers in Virginia

18-203 - Certificate of Public Need (COPN) Reform

18-204 - Resolution to Study the Makeup of Our State Government for the Purpose of Creating an Entity to Deliver Healthcare

18-205 - Resolution to Declare Abortion and Euthanasia Veterinarian Procedures

18-206 - Opposing Work Requirements for Virginia Medicaid Eligibility

18-207 - Uninsured Payment Protection

18-208 - Investigation into Healthcare Insurance Copay Accumulator Programs

18-209 - Establishment of a Reinsurance Program

18-210 - Improve the Insurance Claims Process

18-211 - Regulate and License Pharmacy Benefit Managers Who Serve Virginians

18-301 - Nutrition

18-302 - Prohibiting Conversion Therapy in Those Under Age 18

18-303 - Support Opioid Education in Virginia Public Schools

18-304 - Support Expanded Good Samaritan Overdose Immunity Laws

18-305 - Expansion of Drug Take Back Programs

18-306 - Address the Dangers of Head Trauma and Other Potential Injuries in Sports

18-307 - Address the Obesity Crisis through a Soda Tax

18-308 - Firearm Risk Harm Reduction

18-309 - Limit Sales of Bump Stocks

18-310 - Limit Sales of Firearms

18-311 - Limit Sales of Large Capacity Magazines

18-312 - Promote Background Checks on Gun Sales