The House of Delegates is the policymaking body that decides MSV’s position on public policies.  By submitting a resolution, you are shaping MSV’s position on the most pressing issues in health care.  

Final Actions from 2019 HOD

In October, delegates will vote on whether to adopt submitted resolutions as official MSV policy.

MSV HOD Delegate Handbook- Updated as of Oct. 15, 2019.

The deadline to submit resolutions has passed.

House of Delegates Resources

2019 Reference Committee Reports




You can view each submitted resolution below. Commenting will be open on each resolution page until the close of business on October 15, 2019. 

View a PDF of all resolutions. View all resolutions and staff analysis.

Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine

Advancing Worker Heat Protection in the State of Virginia

Advocating for Renovation of Homes with Lead Hazards

Amend Policy 40.9.01 – Control of Violent Use of Firearms

Amend Policy 40.9.02 – Support of Firearms Laws Promoting Increased Public Safety

Amend Policy 40.9.03 – MSV School Gun Violence Deterrence Initiative

Amend Policy 40.9.04 - Child Firearm Injury Prevention

American “Equal Rights Amendment”

GME Funding and Support for Rural Hospitals

Form a Patient Advocacy Section in the Medical Society of Virginia and Its Component Medical Societies

Insurance Coverage for Medical Treatment of Vitiligo

LARC Initiative: Proposition for Continued Support with Additional Expansion

"Mature Minor" Consent to Medical Care and Vaccinations

Opposing Legislative Efforts to Restrict the Provision of Reproductive Healthcare

Opposition to Maintenance of Certification

Organ Donation as an Opt-Out or Mandated Choice Program

Promoting Alternatives to Proprietary ABMS Maintenance of Certification

Reasonable Price Control for Prescription Medications

Recognizing the Potential Impact of Natural Gas Infrastructure Projects on Human Health and Environment

Resolution on Medical Care of the Terminally Ill

Resolution Regarding the Maintenance of Certification Process

Resolution to Curtail Direct Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs

Resolution to Ensure Virginia Insurers Keep Policies Up to Date in Real Time Online

Resolution to Increase Transparency and Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in Virginia

Resolution to Optimize the Access of Mental Health Services by Veterans

Resolution to Regulate Third Party Prior Authorization

Resolution to Stop Robocalls in Virginia

Supporting the Expansion of Epinephrine Access to Public Venues

Supporting Standardization of Mental Health Screenings in Schools

Virginia Inpatient Pharmacies Being Able to Dispense Outpatient Medications