MSV’s House of Delegates (MSV HOD) is where policy decisions are made. These policy decisions serve as the foundation for MSV’s advocacy work. Delegates are selected to represent physicians and their positions on issues before the HOD. Active MSV members can apply to be a delegate. Delegates are selected to represent local medical societies, specialty societies, or their MSV district. Delegates discuss and vote on issues brought forward by resolutions. Delegates should review resolutions and discuss with the physicians they are representing.

In October, delegates will vote on whether to adopt submitted resolutions as official MSV policy.

House of Delegates Resources

Report of Reference Committee 1

Report of Reference Committee 2

Rules of Procedure


AMA Delegation Resolutions

The MSV AMA Delegation has done exceptional work over the past year. Below, please find the delegation’s resolutions that were acted upon in 2019 at the interim and annual meetings of the AMA. Additionally, you will also find proposed resolutions for the AMA interim meeting later this year.

AMA Delegation Report

Resolution 205: Co-Pay Accumulators

Resolution 301: American Board of Medical Specialties Advertising

Resolution 501: USP 800

Resolution VA-01: Telehealth Post SARS-COV-2