Firearm Safety and Policies

The increase in mass casualty incidents involving firearms across the country have increased the awareness for the need for improved firearm safety and  improved mental health care in the United States and Virginia.

The medical community includes diverse and differing voices regarding firearms issues. MSV’s policies reflect physicians’ critical role in making Virginia the best place to receive care.

MSV’s Position on Firearm Policies

The Medical Society of Virginia has developed multiple firearm policies by recognizing the diverse viewpoints of our members while addressing public safety concerns posed by the risk of gun violence.

MSV Policies on Firearms include:

  • Prohibiting firearms ownership by individuals convicted of a felony, violent misdemeanors, or subject to a domestic violence restraining order.
  • Banning the sale of bump stocks.
  • Supporting universal background checks for all gun sales.
  • Supporting gun violence restraining orders as a mechanism to decrease gun related suicides and homicides.
  • Supporting public education programs to reduce injuries to children from firearms as well as the dangers and legal liabilities of recklessly leaving loaded, unsecured firearms accessible to children.
  • Supporting the requirement of safety devices to be sold with each gun sold in Virginia, either at a regulated gun store or through other means such as gun shows.

Firearm Safety Resources

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