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    SafeHaven™ ensures physicians and PAs can seek support for burnout, career fatigue, and mental health reasons without the fear of undue repercussions to their medical license.
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Approved by Governor: HB 1913 Career fatigue and wellness in certain health care providers; programs to address, civil immunity

Feb 25, 2021
SUMMARY AS INTRODUCED: Programs to address career fatigue and wellness in certain health care providers; civil immunity; emergency. Expands civil immunity for health care professionals serving as members of or consultants to entities that function primarily to review, evaluate, or make...
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Centra Medical Group (CMG) First in the Nation to Offer its Physicians and PAs the SafeHaven™ Program

Feb 15, 2021
Centra Medical Group 434|200-3076 stephanie.mcbride@centrahealth.com VITAL WorkLife 877|731-3949 Leonard.Pesheck@VITALWorkLife.com Medical Society of Virginia 804|377-1042 twoody@msv.org Centra Medical Group (CMG) First in the Nation to Offer its Physicians and PAs the SafeHaven™ Program CMG...
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COVID-19 + Holiday Safety | Make your Patients’ Holiday Season a Healthy One

Nov 18, 2020
The holiday season is a time of celebration, reflection, and fresh starts. This year is an especially important time to talk with your patients about COVID-19 and holiday safety and health. Here are a few things It’s important to discuss with your patients this holiday season to help you maximize...
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We're All in This Together

Nov 9, 2020
It’s 2006. We are all 14 years younger and definitely better looking than today. I had just uprooted my 3 young daughters (ages 14, 12, and 6) from their established lives in Orange County, CA and moved them to Charlottesville, VA on a whim to “improve” our lives. At least, my children made it seem...
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The Medical Society of Virginia strives to advance high-quality care and make Virginia the best place to practice medicine. Our purpose is to support Virginia physicians in the practice of medicine, regardless of specialty, level of experience, geography, or practice setting.

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MSV promotes a sense of shared purpose and support in our efforts to provide quality medical care to our patients, while preserving our independence and providing a secure practice future.

Membership in MSV has introduced me to other physicians in the commonwealth who have the same goals of improving patient care and medical practice.

Looking back on my time with the MSV, I've realized more than ever that we are more than just classmates, more than just medical students in Virginia. We're a family - a family that has grown both in size and in solidarity - and one that I am proud to be a part of.

The Medical Society of Virginia gave me the opportunity to have my voice heard. My student membership in MSV equipped me with the tools I need to successfully advocate for my profession and future patients.

My activities at the annual meeting and at White Coats on Call day have allowed me to be involved in the legislative process. I worked on Telehealth legislation in the past year with MSV. It was very gratifying to see that legislation was passed along the lines of what we at MSV advocated.

MSV introduced me to other doctors and medical students across the state who are just as passionate about protecting our patients and enabled me to develop a lifelong network of peers.

I have been a proud MSV member since 2011 when the House of Delegates voted to accept PAs into membership. This allowed me to benefit both personally and professionally. There are many reasons I appreciate MSV membership.  Annual participation with White Coats on Call is always memorable. The...

My membership in the Medical Society of Virginia has been invaluable.  I’ve fostered close professional relationships, and cultivated true friendships since moving here with my family. I came to the MSV earlier in my career nearly a decade ago.  I had the privilege of being accepted into the...

Physicians are busy caring for patients.  Most aren’t able to take time from their practices for the advocacy work that is so vital to “making Virginia the best place in which to practice medicine and receive care”. MSV provides this advocacy. I know my membership helps make this possible. So...

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