As a physician, you want to provide the best care for your patient. We know that every day insurance companies make you jump through unnecessary hoops before you can deliver the care your patient needs. From prior authorization to step therapy to pre-certification, care for your patients is delayed or denied because of bureaucracy.

The weekly average of 29 prior authorizations per physician consumes an average of 15 hours of practice time. An administrative burden not reimbursable for physicians.

Prior authorization started in 1980s as a way to control costs of prescription drugs. Now, insurers require prior authorization for surgery, imaging, and medication. Not only is prior authorization burdensome, it can have negative consequences on patient care and has failed to provide cost savings.

Prior authorization impacts a physician’s ability to delivery appropriate care in a timely manner.

Insurance Permission Processes

  • Prior authorization
  • Step Therapy
  • PBMs
  • Pre-certification

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The American Medical Association

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