With the support of our members, MSV has helped legislators understand the realities facing the medical profession. Legislators tell us that physician involvement is key to MSV's advocacy success and they want to hear from you. We make it easy for you to be part of influencing the future of medicine in Virginia.

Tips for communicating with legislators

  • Contact your legislators as a constituent, not as a self-appointed spokesperson for the medical community.
  • Identify clearly the subject or subjects in which you’re interested and not bill numbers.
  • Speak and write in your own voice. Use the talking points and materials MSV provides as a guide for your letters, emails, and phone calls to your legislators. 
  • Personal stories present the most compelling case for your issue. Share anecdotes about your patients and your practice, and the impact of a proposed bill on them. Avoid speaking in terms that are too clinical or academic or about specific political parties, legislators, third-party payers or big business.
  • You will have limited time so restrict yourself to one, or at most, two topics.
  • Respond to specifics with specifics.
  • Remember that the goal is to win, not to blow off steam.
  • Establish an on-going relationship with your legislators. The relationships you build with your legislators outside of session are crucial.
  • Offer yourself and/or MSV as a resource.
  • Always follow-up with a thank you or more information if the legislator has requested it.
  • Get involved politically by participating in MSVPAC activities but when speaking with legislators do not link campaign contributions to legislative support.