Submission Requirements

1. Nominations should be typed and answer the questions listed in the Nominee Submission section. Please give specific examples, results of the nominees’ efforts, and as many details as possible.

2. A letter of support from someone other than the nominator or nominee and a copy of the nominee’s CV or resume must accompany the nomination.

3. All forms and letters must be received by June 30, 2021, at the MSV Foundation Office.

4. Incomplete nominations will not be considered by the independent judging panel.

Nomination Criteria Nominees shall exemplify the following criteria:

1. The nominee shall have demonstrated outstanding service to medicine.

2. The nominee shall exemplify dedication to the quality of health care in the population that (s)he serves.

3. The nominee shall inspire and promote excellence in others.

4. The nominee should be a practicing physician or resident in the state of Virginia or in good standing at one of Virginia’s medical schools.

5. Nominees who have received a Salute to Service award within the last (5) years are not eligible for consideration. After (5) years, nominees are eligible for consideration in a different category.

6. MSV membership is not required.

Nominate by June 30, 2021