Tips for Being an Effective Communicator

  • Be Respectful
  • Don’t argue
  • Be positive about your issue
  • Don’t be defensive
  • Address them as “Senator (last name)” or “Delegate (last name)”
  • Make sure to introduce who you are and that you’re there on behalf of the Medical Society of Virginia

Plan Out Remarks

  • Try to do some background research on your legislators
  • Information will be provided to you by MSV staff
  • Familiarize yourself with these talking points prior to entering the legislator’s office
  • Use personal stories or analogies to convey your point
  • Legislator may have limited knowledge on your talking points and personal anecdotes, or analogies can help relate your position

If you wish to express an opinion that is not aligned with MSV policy, please make clear that you are speaking as an individual and not on behalf of MSV

  • Be specific
  • Be positive
  • Be honest

Communicating Your Points Effectively

  • Do not be afraid to say “I don’t know” if a question is asked that you do not have an answer for
  • Use everyday language and try to avoid abbreviations or acronyms
  • Keep it concise, these visits are time limited