Virginia’s legislators make critical decisions impacting physicians and patients. Shouldn’t you have a voice? 

The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) believes that physicians must play an active role in the development of health care policy.

This year, MSV followed more than 300 bills at the Virginia General Assembly.  Health care issues are at the top of the agenda for legislators, but most legislators are not health care professionals. MSV continually represents the physician and patient voice in Virginia, with the help of MSV’s nonpartisan Political Action Committee, MSVPAC. The MSVPAC is the only PAC representing the unified voice of medicine.     

MSVPAC strengthens MSV’s advocacy by engaging in the political process throughout the Commonwealth.  A strong PAC is a critical to maintaining a legislative climate that is favorable to physicians and patients. Your contribution to MSVPAC substantially enhances MSV’s advocacy efforts, helps develop positive relationships with legislators and allows physicians to retain a voice in Virginia politics. 

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