The board of directors has the responsibility to set policies for the operation of the Medical Society of Virginia Political Action Committee (MSVPAC), sees that it abides by its by-laws, ensures that it is fiscally responsible and meets fundraising goals, and strives to achieve the vision and goals of the organization.  These responsibilities are carried out through planning, financial oversight, and active participation in fundraising activities for MSVPAC. 

To apply, please fill out our application. 

Board members should commit themselves to:

  • Prepare for and attend all board meetings (4 conference calls plus one in-person meeting in conjunction with MSV Annual Meeting)
  • Assume an active role in fundraising activities and make an annual individual financial contribution to MSVPAC to demonstrate board leadership.  The recommended amount for a board member’s contribution to MSVPAC is $600 or more. 
  • Communicate with other physicians about the importance of contributing to MSVPAC and work with physicians in their district and personal network to raise awareness of MSVPAC.
  • Recruit, orient, and develop new board members as needed. 
  • Stay in frequent communication with the board, Executive Director, committees and the constituency whom you represent.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the board’s discussions.

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