The MSV Foundation (MSVF) has been on the forefront of tackling physician wellness. Our wellness programs are designed to help physicians navigate the stressors of today's ever-changing health care landscape and prioritize their well-being. 

Program goals:

  • Identify wellness behaviors as essential elements
  • Educate physicians on consequences of burnout
  • Provide physicians with a wellness toolkit designed to ensure both personal wellness strategies and coping skills
  • Provide opportunity for physicians thoughts and feelings to be validated

Workshops and Presentations

Since 2014, MSV has offered workshops, trainings and keynote presentations to over 2,000 physicians and health care organizations across the Commonwealth. View a full list of presentations by our wellness expert, Lynne Hughes (pictured below), here. 

“Lynne Hughes gives a powerful talk that is very pertinent for all health care providers to hear as we deal with a multitude of obstacles every day. Her insights help shift our focus so that we can take better care of our patients and ourselves.” 

- C. Trevor Locklear MD, MPH, Inova Fairfax Chief Resident


Events and Opportunities


Infuse 2018 provides an intentional moment for physicians to think about themselves, explore their passions, and connect with the joy in practicing medicine. The summit infuses panels discussions, creative demonstrations, artistic fusion and culinary offerings to create an experience that was unlike any other conference.



Recommended Resources

Assessments and Tools

Abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventory

American Psychiatric Association 


Physician wellness: a missing quality indicator, Prof Jean E Wallace, PhD

Disenfranchised Grief and Physician Burnout, Deborah Lahtrop, MD, MAT

Three Surprising Truths about Physician Burnout, Laura Martin, Advisory Board

She's Walked in Their Shoes, VCU Health Blog, Lisa Crutchfield

Bring Back the Joy of Practicing Medicine, Forbes, Contributed by MSV Board Member, Russell Libby, MD


Two Ppl with Dr. Allison Jackson

Dr. Burnout, Sincerely, X by Ted Podcasts

Atul Gawande — What Matters in the End

MSVF’s Commitment to Wellness

The Medical Society of Virginia is committed to physician health and well-being. We commit physician well-being as a  priority by advocating for regulations that promote wellness and control of patient interactions. We are committed to tangible tools being readily available including workshops, online resources and coaching to physicians around state.  We commit to MSV being a safe and understanding place where physicians can get guidance, learn how and where to seek help without judgement or punishment.  We commit to actively working to decrease the physician burnout rate and increase joy of practice which create healthier patients and communities.

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