The Foundation of MSV

The MSV Foundation was created to equip physicians and PAs with the tools and resources they need to best serve themselves, their patients, and the community at large.

No matter our specialty or how long we have practiced, we became leaders of healthcare teams to meet one common goal – help people. The MSV Foundation has played a pivotal role in bettering healthcare for our communities.

I believe in the mission of MSVF – “Caring for physicians, creating healthy communities.” It is a priority for physicians and PAs to have access to high quality programs which provide education for them and their staff. Leadership programs developed by MSVF are amazing. It is an honor to support these important Foundation programs as they ultimately benefit patient care, the entire healthcare team, and our communities.

I had an incredible experience with the Evolve Public Health program. MSVF initiated this exceptional program in 2013, I was very fortunate to be a member of the first class. These team-based sessions are very popular. Each team is unique. I vividly recall my team included an ophthalmology resident, a hospice physician and me – a heme/onc PA; quite a collaborative effort. Through this program, we were able to get back to the main focus of healthcare, patients. It also gave us occasions to focus on ourselves and our love for medicine.

The MSV and the Foundation are always here for us and our needs. They saw that physicians and PAs needed a resource for our well-being. Its new physician well-being program, SafeHaven™, is here to give us a place to get the behavioral health support we need. The healthcare team has always faced challenges, but the COVID-19 Pandemic has increased the need for support. SafeHaven™ is giving us the ability to ask for help without risk to our medical license.

Programs like SYNC, Evolve Public Health, Infuse, and SafeHaven™ bring us together. We are given the chance to concentrate on our leadership skills, team development, and our mental wellness. These opportunities make us better physicians and PAs. Through the Foundation, we are given the opportunity to self-reflect and return to the joy of our profession, helping patients through the practice of medicine.

The MSVF is the heart of MSV. Through my participation, I have developed lifelong friendships, I have learned about myself as a healthcare leader, and I have been given developmental opportunities that help me grow and change in my career. Through the MSVF, physicians, and PAs are able to get back to what truly matters – giving patients the care they deserve.

I am so happy to get to be a part of the Foundation’s first 35 years. Here’s to the next 35!

Kathy Scarbalis, PA-C, MPAS
MSVF Board President