Start your Advocacy Training Today | Apply for the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership

While Election Day has passed and votes are still being counted across the country, the opportunity to get involved in advocacy and become a leading voice in healthcare has no end date. The MSV is here to provide our members with opportunities to engage civically, politically, and professionally to maximize your membership. Sometimes the challenge is knowing where to begin.

The Sorensen Institute’s flagship Political Leaders Program (PLP) is a leadership development program that focuses on public policy, understanding political dynamics and the governing process, being an effective leader, and experiential learning related to the diverse issues facing the Commonwealth. Participation in this program has been an important step for Virginians wanting to establish themselves as political and civic leaders on a local, state, or federal level.

The application deadline for the Sorensen PLP Program is midnight this Monday, November 9, 2020. You can find program details, schedule, and application information on their website.

The Medical Society of Virginia is here to connect you with the resources to lead and succeed. If you’re interested in healthcare policy, connecting with legislators, or civic engagement and advocacy, sign up for White Coats on Call 365 today. By joining WCOC 365, you are joining the ‘special forces’ of MSV’s advocacy work, and have exclusive access to hands-on training and programming tailored to you, as well as legislative and regulatory updates.

Contact a member of our Government Affairs team if you have any questions on the program or want more information about WCOC 365 at [email protected].