The SafeHaven™ Program Welcomes its First Primary Care Group, Central Virginia Family Physicians

Central Virginia Family Physicians (CVFP) fully launches SafeHaven™, MSV’s clinician well being program.

To support the needs of healthcare workers struggling with stress, burnout and the effects of COVID-19, the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) conceived and manages, SafeHaven™, which is implemented in partnership with VITAL WorkLife. CVFP is the first group of family physicians to begin offering this program to their providers.

SafeHaven™ was created by the passage of the Virginia legislation, which is the first of its kind in the nation, signed in March 2020. During the 2021 Virginia General Assembly Session legislation was passed to include additional provider groups to the SafeHaven™ protections including nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and medical, PA, nursing and pharmacy students. The law allows healthcare providers to seek professional support to address career fatigue, burnout and behavioral health concerns with confidentiality and civil protections.

“The SafeHaven™ protections are something that we as clinicians have never been offered before”, said Tom Eppes, MD, family medicine physician at CVFP. “This program will allow us to continue the work we love, but also acknowledges that even healthcare providers need someone to care for them.”

Through SafeHaven™, CVFP’s providers have gained access to healthcare specific resources from VITAL WorkLife. The resources offered include VITAL WorkLife’s Clinician Well Being Resources solution, a comprehensive set of resources that includes peer coaching, elite concierge services and expanded behavioral health resources to promote work/life balance and well being for physicians, PAs and their families.

“The SafeHaven™ program really makes a difference in the lives of our physicians and healthcare providers” said Shawn Crawford, CEO at CVFP. “Being the first group to offer this program to our primary care providers is extremely exciting and I think highlights the need for this program across all medical specialties.”

SafeHaven™ is pleased to welcome CVFP as its first primary care group and looks forward to building a strong and successful partnership.

Central Virginia Family Physicians
Medical Society of Virginia
VITAL WorkLife