MSV Official Statement on Inequities in Our Healthcare System

Echoing many of our partner organizations in the healthcare community, the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) joins the call for reforms on the use of deadly force by law enforcement. We also believe, in order to find solutions, it is important to actively listen to and involve the families and communities of those whose lives have been taken as a result of racism.

George Floyd’s death and the other many needless deaths of African American men, women and children is an outrage to our community. We believe we have a collective and individual duty to care for all people.

As physicians and PAs, we understand that inequities continue to exist in all areas of our society including healthcare. These inequities lead to disproportionate outcomes for vulnerable populations. These disparities have only been made further apparent during the current COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in devastating and disproportionate cases and deaths in black and brown communities. All of this must come to an end, now.

The MSV and its members are dedicated to caring for patients and fighting these inequities. Physicians and PAs are dedicated to and continue to care for anyone in need regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other factors.

MSV recognizes that it is important to use our voice and influence to advocate for equity in healthcare and in our communities. As MSV marks its 200th year, we are making a renewed commitment to fight for equitable care for all people and we will do our part to build a community that actively demonstrates respect and value for our rich diversity.

Clifford L. Deal III, MD, FACS
MSV President

Melina Davis
MSV Executive Vice President and CEO