Important Information for Providers Serving Virginia Medicaid Patients

During the Public Health Emergency (PHE), the Commonwealth of Virginia has maintained coverage for the Medicaid patient population thanks to the flexibilities and waivers afforded by state emergency orders and federal legislation. When Virginia is no longer under the PHE, the Department of Medical Assistance Services will begin their normal monthly practice of renewing Medicaid recipients. This means some patients previously enrolled may no longer be eligible or ensured covered.

Although Medicaid recipients cannot renew their coverage yet, they can begin updating their address and contact information now to make the renewal process more efficient. When talking with your patients who have Medicaid, encourage them to make sure their contact information, especially their address, is current and correct with the Department of Medical Assistance Services.

DMAS is also asking all Medicaid providers to familiarize their staff with the items that will remain active under the federal public health emergency and which items have now expired at the state level.

More Information and DMAS Updates for Medicaid Providers