Executive Order 60 | Clarification of Certain Immunity from Liability for Healthcare Providers in Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Through the work of the MSV and many other partners and stakeholders, the Amended Executive Order 60 has been approved. 

Importance of the Issue
The Commonwealth of Virginia continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and persons under investigation in Virginia has increased substantially. As testing increases, it is highly likely that these numbers will continue to rise. Hospitals and nursing homes across the Commonwealth are reporting large numbers of patients presenting with COVID-19 symptoms, which is putting significant stress on these facilities, as they were already dealing with a more severe seasonal influenza than usual. Healthcare providers are experiencing critical shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies. In some cases, they are being required to reuse PPE where possible and appropriate. Healthcare providers are not able to resupply quickly these critical resources due to severe supply chain disruptions. In addition, staffing levels at hospitals are often strained by the inability to transfer patients with COVID-19 to other sites of care such as assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, and nursing homes because of the need to contain the spread of the virus. The effects of COVID-19 create these difficulties and present less than optimal conditions to deliver the healthcare indicated by conventional standards of care.

With the possibility that a vaccine may soon be available, Virginia must prepare for its safe and efficient use, distribution, and storage…

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