2023 Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee met on July 31st to consider all eligible candidates for the upcoming term of office. The committee recommends the following slate for consideration by the society membership.

MSV Board of Directors
Term 2023-2024/2025

Officers (Elected for 1-year term)

President-Elect | Joel Bundy, MD

Speaker | Michele Nedelka, MD

Vice Speaker | Atul Marathe, MD


Directors (Elected for 2-year term)

District 1 | Bobbie Sperry, MD

District 3 | Carolyn Burns, MD

District 3 | Mark Townsend, MD

District 5 | Gary Miller, MD

District 7 | Peter Netland, MD

District 7 | Karen Rheuban, MD

District 9 | Jan Willcox, DO

MSV Foundation | José Morey, MD

Academic | Arturo Saavedra, MD (VCU)


Directors (Elected for 1-year term)

Resident | Pooja Gajulapalli, MD (VCU Peds)

Medical Student | Shreya Mandava (UVA)


Associate Directors (Elected for 2-year term)

District 1 | Andreya Risser, MD

District 3 | Sidney Jones, MD

District 5 | Jacqueline Fogarty, MD

District 7 | John Mason, MD

District 9 | Stephen Combs, MD

Academic | Lindsay Robbins, MD (EVMS)


Associate Directors (Elected for 1-year term)

Resident | Matthew Adsit, MD (VCU Ortho)

Medical Student | Elizabeth Ransone (VCU)

Virginia Delegation to the American Medical Association
Term 2024-2025

Elected for 2-year calendar year term


Alice Coombs, MD

Claudette Dalton, MD

Cliff Deal, III, MD

Bhushan Pandya, MD

Cynthia Romero, MD

Sterling Ransone, MD


Alternate Delegates

Sandy Chung, MD

Mark Townsend, MD

Jan Willcox, DO

2023-2024 Nominating Committee


District 1 Sterling Ransone, MD

District 2 Stuart Mackler, MD

District 3 Hazle Konerding, MD

District 5 Bushan Pandya, MD

District 6 Cynda Johnson, MD

District 7 Claudette Dalton, MD

District 8 Carol Shapiro, MD

District 9 John Knarr, MD

District 10 William Hutchens, MD

Academic Cynthia Romero, MD (EVMS) (Chair)

AMA Advisor (Chair of the Virginia Delegation) Tom Eppes, MD

2021-2022 Former President Advisor | Mohit Nanda, MD

2022-2023 Former President Advisor | Harry Gewanter, MD