What is the MSVPAC? Why MSV’s Political Action Committee is so important

When you need to make an important decision but you’re not familiar with the subject area, what do you do? You consult an expert to get the details you need to help you make an informed decision.

The goal of MSV’s nonpartisan Political Action Committee (MSVPAC) is to do just that: provide legislative decision-makers with the information, data, and details they need to make informed decisions about healthcare-related issues and policies.

Despite the fact that healthcare issues are at the top of the agenda for our legislators here in Virginia, we only have one physician who is currently in the General Assembly. The MSVPAC represents the voice of Virginia’s physicians, PAs, and patients to legislators as they address healthcare issues, consider healthcare policy, and shape healthcare laws and regulations.

Not only do Virginia’s policymakers need to hear from physicians and PAs, they tell us they want to hear from us – so they can gain a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the medical profession.

Today the MSVPAC is the only PAC representing the unified voice of medicine in Virginia.

What is a PAC?

Just what is a PAC, or political action committee? The short story: Utilizing funds collected from individual contributions, a PAC seeks to influence and impact the political environment in a specific area.

The MSVPAC has a unique status as it is affiliated with the MSV but governed separately. A Board of Directors consisting of physicians, PAs, and practice managers oversees the finances and strategic vision. It is funded only from donations directly to the PAC, and only physicians and PAs, medical practices, and family members of physicians and PAs may donate to the MSVPAC.

Your MSVPAC works year-round to develop relationships with state and federal policymakers and their staff. Many PACs only delve out funds to favored legislators. However, our PAC contributes funds directly to legislators who support the policies developed by our members. We also host events throughout the year across Virginia to connect our member advocates to legislators. Continued and direct contact between our members and legislators is a crucial part of educating our elected officials on emerging issues related to the practice of medicine. If we can educate them early and often, we can help shape legislation and regulations coming down the road.

The MSVPAC strengthens MSV’s advocacy by engaging in the political process throughout the Commonwealth, 24/7, 365. A strong PAC is critical to maintaining a legislative climate that is favorable to physicians, PAs, and most importantly, patients.

Why the MSVPAC is important for physicians, PAs, and Patients

Simply put, the MSVPAC makes your voice — the voice of Virginia physicians, PAs, and patients — heard.

The MSV formed the MSVPAC because we believe physicians and PAs must play an active role in the development of healthcare policy.

To make an impact on your behalf, the MSVPAC:

  1. Monitors hundreds of bills and amendments in the commonwealth and takes action during legislative sessions of the Virginia General Assembly, including outreach, meeting with legislators, and strategically providing opportunities for physicians and PAs to testify in committee.
  2. Supports political candidates who value the practice of medicine.
  3. Builds relationships with pro-physician candidates and legislators.
  4. Provides information, data, and details to support and advocate for policy decision-making aligned with the positions of Virginia’s physicians and PAs.

At MSV, we believe a strong PAC is critical to maintaining a legislative climate favorable to physicians, your teams, and, most importantly, your patients. With so many non-physicians trying to drive and make healthcare decisions, we must work together to protect the interests of our patients and the physician profession.

So why is the MSVPAC important for you? Because when physicians are involved, patients come first.

Co-authored by MSVPAC Board Members:

Trisha Anest, MD and Robert Glasgow, PA-C, MPAS, MPH