It happens every day in hospitals, waiting rooms and medical offices. People are asking why the state of health care in Virginia is changing. You know that the restrictions and regulations that interfere with your ability to provide excellent patient care and run your business effectively are partly to blame. Today’s environment is not sustainable over the long term for physicians or patients. Now is the time for physicians to take responsibility for their own professional future. The Medical Society of Virginia Political Action Committee (MSVPAC) is your voice and your arm in changing the status quo. As a bipartisan, voluntary, non-profit political action committee, MSVPAC works to elect legislators who will help make Virginia the best place for medicine—for physicians and patients. But we can’t do it without your voice, your support.

Virginia’s legislators make critical decisions impacting physicians and patients. The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) believes that physicians must play an active role in the development of public policy, but recognizes the demands of a busy medical practice. When you are unable to personally advocate on behalf of an issue, MSV’s government affairs team continually represents your interests and offers a proven record of success.
MSV’s nonpartisan political action committee, MSVPAC, further strengthens MSV’s advocacy by providing financial support to physician-friendly legislators and to the decision makers in Virginia’s government. A strong PAC is a critical tool in maintaining a legislative climate that is favorable to physicians and patients. Your contribution to MSVPAC helps develop positive relationships with legislators and allows physicians to retain a continuous voice in Virginia politics.