MSV Congratulates Dr. M. Norman Oliver, State Health Commissioner, Virginia Department of Health

via the Secretariat of Health and Human Resources

Dr. M. Norman Oliver has been appointed State Health Commissioner at the Virginia Department of Health. Dr. Oliver had served as Acting State Health Commissioner, and before that as Deputy Commissioner for Population Health. Before accepting the Deputy Commissioner position, Dr. Oliver was the Walter M. Seward Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. As Chair, Dr. Oliver helped lead the transformation of the Department’s clinic sites into patient-centered practices focused on population health.

Dr. Oliver has a long record of accomplishments in research and community health work, especially regarding health inequities. Most recently, his research interests have focused on the area of improving our understanding of the role of racial discrimination, bias, and prejudice in establishing and maintaining health inequities and the understanding of the interplay between race and socioeconomic position in these disparities.

Dr. Oliver attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University, where he also obtained his Masters degree in medical anthropology. He trained in family medicine at Case, and he then practiced broad-spectrum family medicine in rural Alaska for 2 years before joining the UVA Department of Family Medicine in 1998.