WHEREAS,  Racial and ethnic minorities experience a wide variety and multitude of health and healthcare disparities, and many of these disparities have widened over past decades (1); and

WHEREAS,  African Americans and Hispanics in Virginia were significantly more likely to report unsafe neighborhoods, and research has associated perceived unsafe neighborhoods with poorer physical health, mental health, and reduced social connections (2); and

WHEREAS,  There is strong evidence for poor health among socioeconomically disadvantaged, racial, and ethnic minority populations in Virginia, and African Americans in Virginia live 3-5 fewer years than Whites on average (2); and

WHEREAS,  The higher mortality and infection rates seen in communities of color during the COVID pandemic has drawn attention to these disparities nationally and locally (3); and

WHEREAS,  Many states have established health equity task forces within state health departments to identify vulnerable populations and address the health disparities underpinning the susceptibility of these communities to COVID (5)[i]; and therefore be it that 

RESOLVED, The Medical Society of Virginia through its delegation to the American Medical Association supports efforts to promote health equity within communities of color, including increasing medical workforce diversity.


i1. National Center for Health Statistics (US. “Health, United States, 2015: With special feature on racial and ethnic health disparities.” (2016).

2. Virginia Department of Health, 2012. Virginia Health Equity Report 2012. Richmond.

3. 2020 The Covid Tracking Project. Racial Data Dashboard. CovidTracking.com

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  1. rjgould
    rjgould says:

    Health equity and medical workforce diversity

    Your MSV AMA delegation recognizes that this resolution is consistent with existing AMA policy and we continue to support this policy.

  2. tmoffatt
    tmoffatt says:

    I’m not sure what this

    I’m not sure what this “Resolved” means. The “Whereases” are clearly essentially true, but the resolution doesn’t address that. Does it “ipso facto” increase health equity if you increase dibersity? We need a blanket statement that healthcare and access to healthcare education (nursing school, medical school…) should be available to all ‘regardless etc.) This is on top of (already existing) policies to help underserved areas.

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