Today's healthcare teams face a growing need for interprofessional collaboration, creative problem solving, and impactful leadership training to drive organizational performance. SYNC is an innovative, team-based learning experience that teaches collaboration and leadership through hands-on problem solving.

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The core of SYNC’s program is built around four in-person and virtual workshops where teams learn about interprofessional collaboration and leadership from our nationally recognized faculty of field practitioners and our knowledgeable support staff.

"Really opened my eyes to who I am and who I want to be as a leader."

SYNC is an immersive learning experience for healthcare teams of 6 participants, ranging from CMOs to pharmacists and LPNs. Organizations are allowed to send more than one team, but each team must include a physician and registered nurse in addition to other clinical and administrative staff.

"SYNC will help you look at yourself and others on a deeper level; it will challenge your way of thinking and there will be growing pains. You will be thankful you took advantage of the opportunity to participate in SYNC with your team."

Teams get the chance to put the latest developments in interprofessional collaboration, leadership fundamentals, and creative problem solving to use during the SYNC Capstone Project. This project lets each team identify a current challenge in their organization or community and implement a real-world solution.

"Enlightening, challenging, satisfying, empowering."

Register here for our October 2021 cohort.

For further information on the SYNC Program visit or contact Amy Swierczewski at | 804-377-1053