MSV has been steadfast at making Virginia the best place to practice medicine and receive care for almost 200 years. However, our efforts and successes would not be possible without our strongest supporters – our Partners in Medicine. 

Who are Partners in Medicine?

MSV’s Partners in Medicine are physician-owned practices who support MSV across our multiple entities, including MSV Membership, MSV Insurance Agency, and MSVPAC. Their financial contributions that support the profession are important and deserve to be recognized. 

Benefits of Being a Partner in Medicine

Benefits of being included in MSV’s Partners in Medicine include special access to legislators and decision makers, recognition in MSV’s publications and during events, opportunities for in-person legislative and MSV updates at practice meetings, and to provide feedback that assists MSV’s legislative and regulatory efforts. 

Become a Partner in Medicine

For more information on MSV’s Partners in Medicine and to learn how your practice can become a member, please contact Jenny Young, Director of Membership.


MSV's Partners in Medicine