Resolution To Ask The Medical Society Of Virginia (MSV) To Study The
Constitution Of The State Of Virginia And Present A Plan For The Creation Of An
Entity Within The State Of Virginia To Be Responsible For and to Carry Out The
Delivery Of Medical Care (PDF)

Submitted by Monroe G. Baldwin, Jr., M. D.

WHEREAS, only physician/doctors are ultimately responsible for the delivery of medical care, and

WHEREAS, Virginia physicians/doctors are licensed by the state, and

WHEREAS, the MSV operating in a free market is simply another organization competing for its rights
when in truth medicine/MSV is a pillar of society in search of a structure to carry out its
responsibilities along with government in its many forms in counties and cities and the
judicial system with its courts, and

WHEREAS, delivery of healthcare in a free market economy stimulates a drive for profit by doctors
and hospitals. The price of being cured of or symptoms being ameliorated is very difficult
to determine, and

WHEREAS, the medical delivery system in a free market moves towards communities able to pay
whereas the preponderance of illness is in the lower socioeconomic class who are unable
to pay, and

WHEREAS, the supply demand curve being automatically operational in a free market guarantees
that within time prices (healthcare plans) will rise above the affordability of some working
people (today's working poor) which is ethically wrong violating the profession of
medicine's time honored solution which is to request what the patient can afford and no
more, and

WHEREAS, there are gross inequities in the pay for specialties and primary care rendering it difficult
to attract medical students into the family practice field especially with students carrying
large debt, and

WHEREAS, family practice is the bedrock of medical delivery and needs to be near the communities it
serves and on which specialties depend not only for referrals but to cover sick call in
order for the specialties to carry out their more complicated office and hospital
procedures in a timely way, and

WHEREAS, there needs to be a physician/doctor run medical monitoring system within the entity that
educates doctors about their practice so they can improve and correct any deficiencies,

WHEREAS, an entity representing all physician/doctors in the state of Virginia could collect physician
charges from federal and state governments as well as commercial carriers in order to
pay doctors properly and place them where needed, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the MSV study the composition of the Virginia state Constitution and present a plan
for an entity within the state to be responsible for and carry out the delivery of healthcare.

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