Resolution on Tobacco Control and Health Care in Virginia (PDF)

Submitted by Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS, both cancer incidence and our overall health care costs in Virginia are clearly related to the use of tobacco products by our citizens, and

WHEREAS, Virginia’s tax on cigarettes is only 30 cents per pack compared to the national average of $1.65 per pack, and WHEREAS, the tobacco habit resulting from the nicotine frequently begins in youth where price is especially important, and

WHEREAS, both increasing the tobacco tax and increased funding for tobacco use prevention programs will dissuade young adults from initiating the use of tobacco products, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of Virginia revise current policy 505.003 as follows: (changes underlined)

The Medical Society of Virginia strongly supports a significant tobacco tax increase of at least $1.35 to reach the national average of $1.65 for this tax as a measure to reduce tobacco use in our population. The Medical Society of Virginia supports legislation which would require that at least 10% of the funds generated by an increase in the state tobacco tax be used to support health related programs for the citizens in the Commonwealth.

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