Resolution Regarding the Withdrawal of Insurance Providers from the ACA and Individual Marketplace (PDF)

Submitted by Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS, Anthem recently pulled out of the ACA marketplace as well as the individual market
outside of the ACA in Virginia, and

WHEREAS, patients covered by Anthem ACA and individual policies will no longer have those
benefits, and

WHEREAS, these patients will now have no option to purchase their health insurance with or without
government assistance if they wish to stay with Anthem, and

WHEREAS, Anthem and other health plans provide insurance for the Commonwealth of Virginia State
Health Benefits Program which is the insurance program made available to state
employees, and

WHEREAS, with many large insurers like Anthem leaving the ACA and individual marketplace in
Virginia, it is impossible for individuals who are self-employed, work for a small business,
or retired prior to age 65, to find affordable health insurance, and

WHEREAS, health plans who provide coverage for the state could provide similar coverage for
individuals in the state who may be self-employed, work for a small business, or retired
prior to age 65, etc., therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of Virginia propose policy changes which will require health
plans participating in the Commonwealth of Virginia State Benefits Program to also
provide individual coverage for the public at large in the regions in which they participate,
and be it further

RESOLVED, these individual policies must be commensurate with what the plan offers state
employees including both benefits and premiums.

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