Resolution on Membership in MSV Committees (PDF

Submitted by Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS, the Medical Society of Virginia relies upon physician involvement from across the
Commonwealth to move forward its legislative and policy agendas, and

WHEREAS, a new process has been implemented to receive, review and evaluate legislative and
policy proposals, and

WHEREAS, stated goals of the MSV strategic plan include to strengthen the connection of physicians,
raise up the voices of physicians, expand engagement of physicians in the house of
medicine and to unify the community of physicians in Virginia, and

WHEREAS, the MSV strategic plan sets as an additional goal to “execute a strategic communication
plan that builds mutually beneficial relationships between MSV, physicians and the
public”, and

WHEREAS, this includes working in collaboration with component societies and specialty societies,
therefore be it

RESOLVED, that membership on the MSV Advocacy Committee have, in addition to membership in
MSV, a requirement of active membership in a recognized component society or a
specialist society, and be it further

RESOLVED, that active membership in a component society or a specialist society be strongly
encouraged for members being considered for appointment to all MSV committees,
taskforces, etc., and be it further

RESOLVED, that preference will be given to candidates who are active members of both a component
society and a specialist society.

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