AMA Potential Resolution: I-17 Fees for Taking Maintenance of Certification
Examination (PDF)

Submitted by Dr. Ed Koch

WHEREAS, the process of board certification has a central role in self-regulation of physician quality

WHEREAS, each specialty has established non-profit organizations to administer this required
evaluation to obtain and maintain board certification;

WHEREAS, these organizations charge fees for the examination process that averages $110.00/year
for Family Medicine to $610.00 per year for colo-rectal surgery;

WHEREAS, the physicians taking the examination incur other costs such as review courses, travel
expenses, and lost wages from their current practice;

WHEREAS, physician reimbursement has declined for many and further complicates the process
involved in the cost of taking the exam;

WHEREAS, the cumulative net assets of the various certifying organizations as stated in the
reference below, is excessive and totals more than 584 million dollars (JAMA, August 1,
2017, Volume 318, #5: pages 477-479);

RESOLVED, that AMA BOD request a reduction in MOC fees for these examinations so as to work
towards a balanced/neutral budget of these medical boards given their status as nonprofit organizations.

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