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DocRx Relief is a program that provides free brand name medications to uninsured patients or those in the coverage gap through referrals from physician practices in Virginia.

We employ a specially trained Patient Advocate who works with patients, practices and over 200 pharmaceutical companies to get patients their needed medications.


“With Doc Rx Relief I am able to get the medicines I cannot afford and therefore am living a much healthier life.”


In general, a patient is eligible if they are at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and either 1) do not have prescription drug coverage, or 2) have Medicare Part D and have spent 5 percent of their annual income on prescription drugs

NOTE: Each prescription assistance program has its own eligibility guidelines


  1. The practice identifies eligible patients for the program OR a patient self-identifies for the program
  2. The practice sends the completed Patient Application (link to the application) to the Patient Advocate
  3. The Patient Advocate assists in finalizing the application and sends necessary paperwork to the pharmaceutical company
  4. Once approved by the pharmaceutical company (usually takes approximately 4-6 weeks), medication will arrive at the practice or the patient’s home


Allows your practice to provide a valuable service to your patients without prescription insurance, enabling them to follow their plan of care and increasing adherence and the DocRX program saves your office and nursing staff valuable time.

“Helping me get my meds at a lower cost is a tremendous help, otherwise I would have to forego my meds.”

Get Started Today

  1. Complete the Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA)
  2. Complete the Practice Enrollment Form and send to the Patient Advocate

Katherine Carmon 
Patient Advocate, DOC Rx Relief 
804 | 377-1005 
866 | 796-6691 
804 | 377-1056 - fax 


  1. Complete the Patient Application Form

“I could not ask for a nicer person to work with. The Patient Advocate anticipates my every need and checks on me on a regular basis.”