This year marks a significant milestone for the Medical Society of Virginia with the celebration of its 200th anniversary.

On December 15, 1820, 17 physicians from Richmond and Manchester met and created the Medical Society of Virginia. That story holds a place in history and is carving the path forward for well-being of all Virginians. Their resilience, dedication, and leadership to their profession continues to create a better place to practice medicine and receive care.

MSV represents the passion and power of Virginia’s physicians working together to drive progress in health care for the Commonwealth. Most recently, MSV has been leading the effort to curb the opioid crisis in Virginia and advocate for change. Partnering with other Virginia changemakers, we developed innovative solutions that removed barriers to obtaining treatment for those in need, provided educational opportunities for physicians, and created prescribing regulations for pain management. MSV worked with our hospital and patient communities this past legislative session to eliminate other barriers to receiving care with reform of prior authorization and step therapy – processes that delay or prevent necessary treatment. When physicians are involved in the legislative process, patients come first.

MSV recognized the exponential rise and damage of physician burnout by creating wellness programs to bring back the joy in practicing medicine and empower our physicians. When physicians are treating patients at their healthiest, patients are healthier and happier, too.

The Medical Society of Virginia would not be what it is today without our passionate members. Throughout our 200 years, members have dedicated their time to MSV, their patients, their communities, and bettering health care delivery in Virginia.

Expertise in the art and science of medicine and intrinsic desire to advocate for patients are powers only physicians have. Physicians are at their best when they are doing what they are trained to do – treat patients. For the past two centuries, MSV has represented the passion and power of Virginia’s physicians working together. MSV has defined Virginia medicine as we know it today, but most importantly, has championed physician-led patient care.

Physicians’ strength, innovation, and service to their profession has had a humanitarian impact on our history and is carving the path forward to making Virginia the best place to practice medicine and receive care.


Our physicians’ passion is the reason behind MSV – a passion for medicine, a passion for our profession, a passion for our patients.


The strength of physicians coming together has defined how medicine is practiced in Virginia.


Health care continues to change at a constant pace. Physicians manage these changes and continuously work to improve the process of caring for patients.


The physician community is dedicated to serving society through their expertise and commitment to humanity in health care.

We look forward to a year of celebration of our past 200 years and looking forward to our next 200!