AMA Collaborates with Project N95 Again to Make PPE Available to AMA Members

The American Medical Association (AMA) is collaborating with Project N95 (a not-for-profit, National COVID-19 Clearinghouse) again to make quality-certified personal protective equipment (PPE) available exclusively for AMA members to purchase with no minimum. 

To place an order:
Go here to begin the process. Please note that Project N95 has updated its website, so the order process has changed.
Order deadline:
The deadline to place an order is Monday, November 23rd, at 3 p.m. Central time.

Available equipment (we are offering two new products: duck bill respirator, face shield)

  • Makrite 9500 N95 Surgical Respirator; size S 
  • Makrite 9500 N95 Surgical Respirator; size M/L
  • Makrite 910-N95FMX Surgical Respirator (Duck Bill)
  • AAMI Level 1 Isolation Gown
  • Face Shield 2/ Elastic and Foam Headband
  • Bundle (1 box M/L Surg Respirator, 1 box S Surg Respirator, 3 bags Isolation Gowns)

All orders will be aggregated and shipped no later than December 26, via UPS ground. Gowns and face shields may start shipping as early as December 8. Respirators ship on December 21 and the bundle ships December 26.