The 2018 General Assembly Session

Archived Legislative Updates: 1/12/18, 1/19/18 , 1/26/182/2/18, 2/9/18, 2/16/18, 2/23/18, 3/2/18

HB 793 Update

Governor Ralph Northam, MD has signed HB 793, which as a result of MSV lobbying efforts came out of the Senate with provisions that greatly increased the time required for NPs to apply for independent practice (5 years/10,000 hours). We were disappointed that Governor Northam signed the bill without a requested amendment to codify an important patient safety requirement that NPs who practice with a physician for five years must practice with a physician who is in the same primary care or specialty care practice area. The process is not over, regulations must still be flushed out and approved by the Board of Medicine. It is critical for physicians to stay active and participate throughout the process. We will continue to keep you up to date, as we prepare for the regulatory process.

Stay tuned - MSV will be sending a complete 2018 legislative wrap-up in April. Advocacy requires year-around action for success. Donate to the PAC today.

At a Glance

MSV tracked over 350 bills during the 2018 GA session.
MSV actively worked to amend nearly 100 bills, making them more amenable to the physician community.

Financial Wins

MSV was able to advance legislation which positively impacts your wallet and increases access to care:

HB 139 will allow physicians who are under review to be credentialed by a health plan to see patients and retroactively receive payments if they are ultimately credentialed.

Practice managers estimate this policy change could result in increased revenue from $100,000 to $200,000 for a fiscal year. Based on conservative analysis, a physician awaiting credentialing who is now able to treat and properly get reimbursed could result in $1,000 revenue per day during the credentialing period.

MSV was able to defeat legislation that would have negatively impacted your wallet:

  • HB 323/SB 380 would have created unlimited liability for damages to families of individuals who have been victims of personal injury.
  • SB 895 would have raised the punitive damages cap from $350,000 to $500,000….this includes the medical malpractice cap!

Practice of Medicine Wins

MSV successfully defeated other threats.

Legislating the Practice of Medicine

  • Opposed and averted bills on opioid limitations in the statute and PMP checks prior to every issuance of an opioid
  • Opposed and averted a bill on mandatory patient notification by a physician to the risk of cobalt poisoning associated with joint replacements
  • Opposed and averted the extension of the lyme disease test notification
  • Opposed and averted mandatory physician usage of the Electronic Death Registry System (EDRS)

Scope of Practice

  • Opposed and averted legislation that would have created a new Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) license which would establish an advanced level of physician assistants
  • Opposed and averted optometry scope bill that would have allowed optometrists to perform surgical procedures
  • Opposed a bill that would have allowed nurse practitioners to practice independently after 6 months of practice with a physician. Worked to amend the bill to ensure nurse practitioners gain appropriate clinical training and standards to maintain patient safety and quality - five full-time clinical years of experience attested only by a physician.