The 2018 General Assembly Session

Archived Legislative Updates: 1/12/18, 1/19/18 , 1/26/182/2/18

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HB 131 (Delegate John Bell - Chantilly)  This bill would require health plans to cover non-opioid pain treatment for people with opioid addiction.

MSV in Action | (1/26) This bill is going to be reviewed by the Health Insurance Reform Commission and carried over for next year.   

HB 148 (Delegate Sam Rasoul - Roanoke); This would require PMP checks for all opioid prescriptions including refills.

MSV in Action | (1/26) The MSV GA team is actively working to kill this bill.

HB 1172 (Delegate Pillion)/SB 632 (Senator Siobhan Dunnavant - Henrico); This legislation would affect surgeons by requiring PMP checks for opioid prescriptions longer than 7 days after surgery. Existing law requires PMP checks for opioid prescriptions over 7 days, except post-surgery, which is currently 14 days. 

MSV's in Action | (1/26) MSV has introduced a budget amendment that would allow the Department of Health Professions to hire five additional staff to assist in properly regulating appropriate and inappropriate prescribers. MSV is actively working to implement budget language and financial support that would assist in integrating the Prescription Monitoring Program with a physician's Electronic Medical Record.

Malpractice Liability

Spoliation of evidence; jury instruction. HB 1336 (Habeeb – Salem); This bill would allow a judge to instruct a jury to consider evidence which has been disposed of as detrimental to a case regardless of intentional disposal of the evidence. The trial lawyers and their large PAC war chest are in favor of this.

MSV in Action | (2/9) The MSV GA team is working to kill this bill. (2/16) The MSV GA team is working to kill this bill.  The bill will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Monday, February 19.

Physician Lifelong Learning/MOC Reform

HB 157 (Delegate Sam Rasoul - Roanoke) Legislation has been filed that prohibits hospitals and insurance companies from using MOC as a condition of privileges and credentialing.

MSV in Action | (2/9) This week the bill was heard in subcommittee. Three different physician organizations were advocating for three different legislative solutions. With the House of Medicine at odds, legislators decided to kill the bill. See MSV’s action and position on MOC reform.


Averted Legislative Victories

Week of 1/26

Cobalt Poisoning Notification to Patients at Risk - HB 621 (Delegate Rob Bell - Charlottesville); This would have required physicians to notify patients of the risk of cobalt poisoning associated with joint replacements.

10 Day Opioid Limit - HB 132 (Delegate John Bell - Chantilly) This would have prohibited prescribers from prescribing an opioid for more than 10 days and dispensers from dispensing an opioid for more than 10 days.

Lyme Disease - HB 169 (Delegate Kathleen Murphy - McLean); This would have continued the lyme disease test disclosure for an additional five years.

PMP Requirements - HB 148 (Delegate Sam Rasoul - Roanoke); This would have required PMP checks for every initial and recurring opioid prescription including refills.

Death Certificates; Medical Certification Portion Shall be filed Electronically - HB 315 (Delegate Chris Head - Roanoke); This would have mandated physicians to use the EDRS to file death certificates.

Week of 2/2

Death Certificates; Medical Certification Portion Shall be filed Electronically - SB 357 (Senator Jennifer McClellan - Richmond); This bill would have required physicians to use the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) to file death certificates.

Week of 2/9

Loss of consortium claims by certain relatives - HB 323 (Campbell - Marion); This bill would have resulted in increased in malpractice  premiums or the physician would have to take out another policy to cover these potential claims.

Doctor of Medical Science - SB 505 (Carrico - Galax); This bill would have allowed physician assistants graduating from a Doctor of Medical Science Program to establish an advanced level above Physician Assistants with a credential of "Doctor."

Balance Billing - HB 1584 (Byron - Forest) This would have prohibited balance billing for ancillary services. SJ 57 (Sturtevant - Richmond) would have directed the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee to study balance billing.

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