Benefits Open Enrollment Season is Here

SafeHaven™ can be added to the open enrollment benefits and offerings for your employees. This program can be paid for by the employer, the employee, or a cost share between the employer and employee. 

SafeHaven™ provides an umbrella of protection including independence, immunity, and privileged communications. SafeHaven™ offers confidential and discreet resources from VITAL WorkLife designed to reduce stress and burnout, promote work/life integration, and support the well being of clinicians. These resources include:

  • Clinician Peer Coaching: Clinicians can talk with someone who understands and has personal experience with the unique challenges of the medical profession
  • In-the-moment Telephonic Support: available 24/7
  • Counseling: available either face-to-face or virtual sessions
  • WorkLife Concierge: a virtual assistant to help with every day and special occasion tasks 
  • VITAL WorkLife App: Movile access to resources, well being assessments, insights, videos, and more
  • Legal and financial consultations and resources 

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Click below to download the SaveHaven™ Benefits Open Enrollment Brochure: