September 22, 2016

We need your help. The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) currently has an opportunity for you, as Virginia physicians, to influence the creation and implementation of a Virginia based fee schedule. Please take a moment to see how you can provide input in determining rates for workers' compensation medical services and ensure that your voice as a physician is heard. 

As you may recall, during the 2016 General Assembly session, MSV successfully advocated for workers' compensation reform with the passing of bills HB 378 (Del. Peter Farrell) and SB 631 (Sen. Frank Wagner). MSV was included in a regulatory advisory panel to make recommendations to the commission on workers' compensation issues. Oliver Wyman, an actuary firm that was approved by the panel, is developing a fee schedule with the objective to keep providers whole. The law's "reimbursement objective" is to develop fees that approximate "the average of all reimbursements and other amounts paid to providers in the same category of providers of fee scheduled medical services in the same medical community for providing a fee scheduled medical services to a claimant under this title during the most recent period preceding the transition date for which statistically reliable data is available as determined by the Commission."

How you can help 
In order to create a fee schedule that includes widespread representation, please provide us with feedback. The more data we are able to collect on your 2015 workers' compensation reimbursement data, the more likely it will be that the reimbursement objective is met. Please note that Oliver Wyman will provide business associate and confidentiality agreements to protect data related to the data calls. 

If you are willing to participate or if you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for your help!

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