September 8, 2016

Virginia’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is pleased to announce, as of Sept. 8, a new digital feature will allow potential delegates of prescribers to register online to query the PMP database on behalf of their supervising prescriber(s). 

“Prescriber Delegates” maintain their own accounts to access the database and may assist in fulfilling a prescriber’s legal requirements to use the PMP.  This new measure is in place specifically to address the demanding schedules of today’s busy health care practitioners. Previously, these prescriber delegates could only gain access to the PMP using a paper registration process. 

Each time a prescriber supervisor logs into the account, he/she will have the ability to see all the patient profiles requested on their behalf by all of his/her delegates. Supervisors will have the ability to better manage and supervise their delegates, featuring easy removal of delegates that are no longer employed at their facility, no longer under their supervision, or whose job requirements have changed. Each supervisor may have as many delegates as they choose, though each delegate user may only use their own username and password since access to the PMP may not be shared for security reasons and in accordance with regulation.

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