January 20, 2017

On January 14, MSV medical student leaders met to elect new leadership for the MSV Medical Student Section.

While students elected to section leadership positions do not assume their position until June 1, elections are held in the winter to allow for training and transition between officers. 

The MSS Governing Council would like to congratulate the newly elected leaders:

Chair-Elect: Samantha Hay (VCU)

Vice Chair-Elect: Ryan Schlobach (EVMS)

At-Large Officer- Elect: Kenneth Qiu (VCU)


Recruiting Committee Chair-Elect: Nicole McCann (UVA)

Recruiting Committee Vice Chair-Elect: Annie Lo (EVMS)

Recruiting Committee At-Large Officer-Elect: Elizabeth Mannino (EVMS)


Legislative Committee Chair-Elect: Krista Kennedy (UVA)

Legislative Committee Vice Chair-Elect: Ruth Stockton (EVMS)

Legislative Committee At-Large Officer-Elect: Maxwell Wagner (EVMS)


Events Committee Chair-Elect: Kami Arulraja (VTC)  

Events Committee At-Large Officer-Elect: Bradley Mason (EVMS)


Community Outreach Committee Chair-Elect: Emily Schutzenhofer (UVA)

Community Outreach Committee Vice Chair-Elect: Malek Bouzaher (VTC)

Community Outreach Committee At-Large Officer-Elect: Abby Winn (VTC)

The student leaders also elected the representatives that they will submit to the MSV and MSVPAC Nominating Committees and MSVF board prior to the 2017 MSV Annual Meeting.  These students will represent MSS on their respective boards.  The MSS Governing Council would like to congratulate the newly selected leaders:

MSV Board of Directors, MSS Associate Director: Meredith Johnson (UVA)

MSVF Board of Directors, MSS Associate Director: Omar Amin (VTC)

MSVPAC Board of Directors, MSS Representative: Nicholas Dreyer (EVMS)