March 11, 2016

Leadership. Teamwork. Collaboration. Dig into any flourishing business and you will inevitably stumble on these terms as the keys to their success. But how do you not only learn but effectively apply these skills in your environment? The partnership of Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF), Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA) and Virginia Nurses Foundation (VNF) has an innovative answer—SYNC. SYNC is leading-edge learning institute dedicated to transforming healthcare leadership in Virginia through team-based learning AND action in the “real-world” setting. Continuing on the success of its inaugural class, the program will be offered again from September 2016 to March 2017 for five one-day sessions to a limited number of teams of up to five clinical leaders (to include a physician and registered nurse).

As part of the program, SYNC participants will:

  • Learn about the changing landscape of 21st century healthcare and the implications for healthcare leadership and strategy
  • Strengthen personal leadership fundamentals as a starting point for effective collaboration
  • Develop knowledge and skills for working in interprofessional teams to address critical challenges in healthcare
  • Learn and apply design thinking as an important new tool for collaborative problem solving and improvement in health care
  • Apply all learnings in a SYNC Capstone Project selected by the team to address a practical challenge facing their organization or community. Teams will have access to research and consultation support from the SYNC Support Team to guide them in their project.

What do teams notice as a result?
“The trust is certainly there. The four of us talk more. We work on quality together. We function together. It helped us build that trust.“ —Chief Medical Officer participant

“While we were a relatively close group, we bonded even more, which allows us to more easily move issues forward, as well as upward as a cohesive voice when necessary. We now have this gang of four that can sit down and look at what we are doing, (ask) how we can improve it, and what do we need to do to get it done” —Pharmacist participant

Team enrollment is limited. Tuition is $7,150 per team of five which includes an outstanding array of speakers, materials, continuing education credits, food/beverages, consulting support and an online learning portal. SYNC is a non-profit venture. All classes will take place in Richmond, Virginia. Program fee assistance may be available to qualifying teams. Support for the program has been provided by The Physicians Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Please visit or contact Amy Swierczewski at or 804 | 377-1053 to learn more.