October 27, 2017

The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) has long-valued not only your membership, but also your time. Over the past years, we have taken measures to make sure that renewing your membership is as easy and convenient as possible.

By now, you probably are aware that we offer online membership renewal through your personal MSV Online Dashboard. We are happy to report that the revamped www.msv.org makes online renewal easier than ever. Simply login to the new site, and your dashboard will appear. Click the "Renew Membership" button, and you are on your way to a fast and easy membership renewal.

Starting this year, though, MSV is introducing an even easier membership option: autopay.

By using autopay, your membership will automatically renew each year using a credit card authorized in our secure database. Your credit card information is not housed online, and no one—not even MSV staff—will ever gain access to your billing information except for your expiration date so that we can alert you that new payment information must be registered.

Autopay is easy: simply click the "Renew Membership" button on your dashboard, and you will see a "Sign Up for Autopay" button (NOTE: you will need to be logged in to your member account to view your dashboard). Click this button, and say goodbye to worries about whether or not you are set up for another year of membership.

We are looking forward to working with you and fighting on the behalf of Virginia physicians for years to come! 


The renew button is nowhere to be seen, not in my dashboard or anywhere else. Please help me out. 

Thank you.

Gabriel Gluck MD

I see the Autopay option, but now way to pay online for just 1 year

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