WHEREAS,              MSV Policy 55.1.09 states, “The Medical Society of Virginia supports the goals of the initiatives of the Northern Virginia medical societies as they relate to participation in the national effort to change the policies of managed care companies; and

WHEREAS,               MSV, already has a policy to support Northern Virginia Medical Societies as they relate to participation in the national effort to change policies of managed care companies; and          

WHEREAS,               such policy is now mute, as payment structures have shifted to value-based contracting; and

RESOLVED,             that the Medical Society of Virginia amend Policy 55.1.09 to be the following:

As it aligns with existing MSV policy, the Medical Society of Virginia supports the Medical Society of Northern Virginia’s efforts, including deregulation of the COPN process.

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  1. msv30330
    msv30330 says:

    wrong approach

    MSV policy 30.4.04 already supports deregulation of COPN.

    If 55.1.09 is now not needed, it should be archived.

    If the authors want to emphasize the COPN policy, 30.4.04 should be reaffirmed.

  2. tmoffatt
    tmoffatt says:


    Seems pretty parochial; besides they’re asking to support something I’ve not seen in detail – their policy versus ours.

  3. msv10689
    msv10689 says:


    To the committee members:

    I have served on the COPN in Lynchburg years ago.  I saw how expensive endeavors were held in check until the proponents provided evidence that those in place had been fully occupied.  I have pushed to have us see that we are a utility type organization from the medical schools on up, not a free enterprised competative profession.  Free enterprise is expensive as emergency rooms, radiology groups, compete.  COPN conforms to a utility type profession.  In addition we will never get doctors embedded in low income areas where the preponderance of illness is without a utility concept.  Thank you.

  4. m231m231
    m231m231 says:

    resolution re COPN

    As it is written, the “Resolved” portion does not make sense within itself (or “all by itself”) and refers to our endorsement of something that is not completely stated within this resolution.  We DO support various approaches to partially reform and update (or even overturn) COPN laws and regulations, i.e. our current policy.  I believe reaffirming current policy would be best; or else, more completely stating the actual POLICY or “EFFORTS ” (from Northern VA) which we are being asked to endorse. 

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