Title of Proposal: Reform COPN  
On behalf of: Bhushan H Pandya, MD, Virginia GI Society, Danville Pittsylvania Academy of Medicine  
Describe the Idea or Issue:

GI endoscopy services can be safely and cost effectively provided in the setting of an Ambulatory Care Center. These services are most efficiently provided in an ASC setting. It is preferred by the patients and adds to their satisfaction of care. There are significant costs associated with providing these services. Providing these services particularly to patients on Medicare/Medicaid becomes prohibitive without reimbursement for additional facility fees. 
Desired Outcome: 

Current laws and regulations make it extremely expensive, time consuming and almost impossible to get a COPN to establish an Ambulatory Care Center. If laws and regulations are changed consistent with MSV policy, it will be possible for physicians particularly in independent practice of Gastroenterology to provide safe, efficient and cost effective services to all their patients including those covered under Medicare and Medicaid.