Submitted by Dr. Jeffrey Bonacci

WHEREAS,       physicians are among the nation’s most rigorously trained professionals who prefer independent lifelong learning in collaboration with universities and specialty societies to define medical excellence within their profession rather than MOC test scores; and

WHEREAS,       requirements for maintaining the skills needed to serve their patients vary greatly depending upon patient population and available treatments; and

WHEREAS,       in the opinion of some, MOC revenues finance generous executive salaries and the high revenue corporate testing monopoly; and

WHEREAS,       linkage of a physician’s hospital staff privileges solely on MOC recertification violates The Joint Commission medical staff credentialing recommendations (Section 482.22 a2); and

WHEREAS,       in the opinion of some, mandatory recertification recognized through only ABMS specialty boards reduces patient access to care by encouraging early retirement of physicians who are providing excellent, much needed care; and

WHEREAS,       The National Board of Physicians and Surgeons provide alternative and reasonably priced continuing board certification using rigorous CME requirements which also allow physicians to choose practice focused educational materials; and

WHEREAS,       there is no current MSV policy calling for opposition to mandatory MOC requirements for physicians and physicians already board-certified, therefore be it

RESOLVED,     that MSV will support policy which recognizes the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS) Board Certification as Equal Alternative to ABMS MOC and Recertification Process, and be it further

RESOLVED,     that the MSV will propose this resolution to the AMA for consideration at its next meeting, and be it further

RESOLVED,     that the MSV acknowledge that the requirements within the Maintenance of Certification process are costly and time intensive, and they result in significant disruptions to the availability of physicians for patient care, and be it further

RESOLVED,     that MSV reaffirms the value of continuing medical education, while opposing mandatory Maintenance of Certification as a requirement for licensure, hospital privileges, and reimbursement from third party payers, and be it further

RESOLVED,     that the MSV communicate our position regarding Maintenance of Certification to the AMA, specialty societies, universities, and physician and industry groups involved with independent continuing medical, clinical, and scientific education, and be it further

RESOLVED,     that the MSV will support alternative pathways for board recertification (i.e. NBPAS) and maintenance of certification.

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