Title of Proposal:

New Legislation On behalf of: Kenneth Olshansky, MD

Describe the Idea or Issue:

MSV to support working with state board of education to set guidelines for healthy food in school vending machines to deal with obesity crisis. School vending machines have sugared sodas, candy bars, ice cream, chips, cinnabuns, etc., which will often be eaten instead of cafeteria food.

Desired Outcome:

To educate by setting an example of healthy vs. unhealthy vending items in hopes of impacting obesity.



Strongly support this!  We will however have to go up againsts both the for profit vendors of the junk food AND the school systems who are usually getting a kickback from the vendors and have become dependent on the income.  We have a Pediatric Neurologist in the statehouse.  Now is the time to do this!

We'll be throwing away tons of "healthy food" left behind in vending machines and going broke paying for the beaurocratic diet-nazis who will inspect the machines for content and location of offerings.

Get rid of the machines altogether.

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