Title of Proposal:

School Safety Initiative

On behalf of:

Arthur J Vayer, Jr, MD, FACS and Adlai Pappy, MD

Describe the Idea or Issue:

Given the tragic current events surrounding school shootings, and given the existing policy that the HOD has passed regarding such, we feel that the time is right to press for discussions with interested stakeholders to move forward with school safety plans. The MSV can reach out to Education Associations, State Education Boards, State Mental Health Agencies, Police Departments, Security Agencies, and perhaps others, as well as research what funds might be available via federal block grants to fund initiatives.

Desired Outcome:

Connection with stakeholders, formation of an action plan.

Background/Supporting Information:

Resolution 16-208L was referred to the BOD, and was accepted as policy as amended.


If this initiative is put forward to promote the public health issues of gun violence, to gather data and to help educate school systems, then I would support it.  If this is a way to promote the arming of teachers or others in our schools, I vote NO.

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