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Title of Proposal:

Revision of "Good Samaritan" Statutes for Team Physicians

On behalf of:       

Dr. Sterling Ransone

Describe the Idea or Issue:

Under current "Good Samaritan" laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a volunteer team physician could be held liable for care if, IN RETROSPECT, that care is determined to have been non-emergent.

Desired Outcome:

A change in the Code of Virginia expanding the "Good Samaritan" statutes to include liability protection for non-emergent care by volunteer team physicians.

Background/Supporting Information:

Is a Volunteer Physician for a Team a "Good Samaritan"?

Virginia Medical Law Report; Volume 14, Number1; January 2017


Additional backgroundmaterials in appendix.


I strongly support this reform/bill.  Keep up the good work and ty for your time and commitment to helping our patients.


Rick Lee MD


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