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Title of Proposal:

Removal of COPN

On behalf of:       

Dr. Dishant Shah

Describe the Idea or Issue:

I am a strong advocate for removal of COPN regulations and requirements for opening Radiology out-patient practice in Virginia. If a cosmetologist can open shop with a Virginia license, then why not a board certified medical doctor? Why do we Radiologists have to suffer from not being able to open new business in Virginia and provide more options and locations for patients to seek treatments closer to their homes? Hospitals and large institutions have monopolized the practice of Radiology by means on the COPN law. We need to get this law removed.

Desired Outcome:

Complete removal of COPN law for Radiology MRI and CT outpatient imaging.

Background/Supporting Information:

I am a Radiologist and practice Teleradiology in Virginia. I have 10 active state licenses and read for all states, except Virginia. I did my residency here at VCU and we think Virginia is the best place to live and grow. When it was time for me to start thinking of opening a solo or group out-patient radiology practice, I was shocked to realize the cost and process of going through the process of obtaining a COPN. This hindered my entrepreneurial efforts and it is a shame that living in Virginia, I am unable to provide my medical expertise to patients in my home state.


I strongly support this reform/bill.  Keep up the good work and ty for your time and commitment to helping our patients.


Rick Lee MD


The only thing that maintainig the status quo does is:

Make more money for hospitals

Drive cost of healthcare up

I support the repeat of CON as it also will make prices ore competetive

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