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Title of Proposal:

COPN reform legislative strategy

On behalf of:       

Dr. Shiv Khandelwal

Describe the Idea or Issue:

It seems to me that COPN reform efforts could be strengthened if there were real world stories to support the issue. In my own practice, I have seen COPN as it currently exists harm patients in ways that were never intended as part of the legislation. I would like to see MSV actively seek examples from its members, providers, and patients as to how COPN as it exists might have had negative consequences for specific patients and seek patients who are willing to come testify about their own situations during the 2018 legislative session. I could provide a few examples myself.

Desired Outcome:

Reform COPN in sensible ways that benefits patients in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Background/Supporting Information:

MSV supports COPN reform but COPN reform has failed in the last two legislative sessions. I believe this would bolster those efforts.

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