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Title of Proposal:

Amend 2013 Virginia Senate Bill 707

On behalf of:       

Injured patients who cannot afford to use their health insurance in their PCP's office. (Following a motor vehicle accident) / Submitted by Dr. Leon Brown

Describe the Idea or Issue:

Senate Bill 707 Mandates (with few exceptions) that persons injured in motor vehicular accidents must use their commercial health insurance, if they are seen in their PCP's (point of care) office. If high copays and deductibles are involved this may not be to the patients advantage. An injured patient should not be forced to use their health insurance if it is not in their financial best interest. Senate Bill 707 should be amended to allow Virginians to decide what is best for them.

Desired Outcome:

(From Resolution) That the Richmond Academy of Medicine will work along with the Medical Society of Virginia to seek a legislative amendment to Senate Bill 707 to allow patients injured in motor vehicle accidents to decide how their medical bills will be paid in the primary cares office. This decision should be made by the patient in conjunction with the primary care physician and the attorney if one is involved.

Background/Supporting Information:

See copy of

#1 Senate Bill No. 707 and article from client advisory dated 3/5/13

#2 Article from client advisory dated 3/5/2013

#3 Resolution

Additional background materials in appendix.


I strongly support this reform/bill.  Keep up the good work and ty for your time and commitment to helping our patients.


Rick Lee MD


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