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Title of Proposal:

Resolution on MSV study of an entity for the state of Virginia to place doctors properly and pay them appropriately

On behalf of:       

Dr. Monroe Baldwin

Describe the Idea or Issue:

Our medical profession has several issues

  1. We do not realize that the medical profession is RESPONSIBLE for delivery of healthcare at a price all Virginians can afford; not the free market, not the government, and not insurance companies. Ultimately doctors have to see everyone one way or another.
  2. There are physicians paid way too much and others paid too little especially family practice, the foundation of medical delivery.
  3. The free market dictates that hospitals and doctors must earn a profit so they move towards paying patients but the preponderance of disease is in the low income patients. We have the medical profession moving away from disease! Check your community and see where the doctor’s offices and hospitals are and who they serve.
  4. Finally our healthcare statistics are perhaps 3rd among civilized countries.

Desired Outcome:

Open discussion and a strategy for dealing with these problems. This is the 4th year I have brought a resolution. I suggest an entity in the state managed by physicians to place and pay doctors appropriately which includes providing and office and personnel to deal with the communities in which they are placed.

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