Process for Allocating MSVPAC Funds

During the spring of each year MSVPAC staff is instructed to make funding recommendations for the 140 members of the General Assembly, and statewide elected officials. These recommendations are based on the guidelines below. The recommendations are presented to the MSVPAC Board of Directors in the spring for their approval.  While recommendations are formally made in the spring, staff continues to evaluate funding levels throughout the year based on the most up to date information on political candidates.  The board can adjust giving accordingly. 

Contribution Guidelines

Following these guidelines ensures that MSVPAC supports candidates and organizations that work to make Virginia the best place in which to practice medicine, advance quality health care for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

•    Is the candidate a physician or a physician spouse?  If the candidate is a physician or physician spouse, has he or she been actively involved in organized medicine?
•    Is the political candidate’s business, legal and medical philosophy consistent with those of the Medical Society of Virginia?
•    Is he or she a viable candidate for elected office?  
•    Is the candidate running against a current elected official who is supportive of MSV issues?  
•    Does the candidate hold a leadership position in the House of Delegates or Senate leadership? 

House of Delegates Senate
Speaker President Pro Tempore
Majority Leader Majority Leader
Minority Leader Minority Leader

•    Does the candidate have a leadership role in the Democratic or Republican caucus?
•    Is the candidate a chairperson or member of a key committee or subcommittee in either the Virginia House of Delegates or Senate?

House of Delegates Senate Other
Commerce and Labor Commerce and Labor Health Insurance Reform Commission
Courts of Justice Courts of Justice Joint Commission on Health Care
Health, Welfare and Institutions Education and Health  
Appropriations Finance  

 •    The MSVPAC Board will consider special circumstances on a case-by-case basis and may choose to contribute to a candidate if a compelling reason for doing so exists and if such a contribution will not diminish MSVPAC’s ability to contribute to candidates that meet its guidelines.