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Why is Cyber Liability Insurance Important?

If your business stores patient or financial information – whether it’s electronic or paper, stored in-house or on a cloud, or gives your patients the ability to make payments or check personal information online – then you need a cyber liability insurance policy to protect you from the risk of potential hackers.

Adequate cyber liability insurance coverage is essential to medical practices today, and the limits included in your professional liability policy are often not enough.

Overcoming a cybercrime event often requires both human and financial resources. Research shows that smaller health care practices are targeted precisely because they do not have the resources or security measures in place. A security breach must be dealt with immediately and can shut down a business for several days. 

Why MSVIA for Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage?

We want to provide you with the resources and knowledge to make the right decision with choosing an insurance carrier that will provide your practice with adequate coverage for your business and your patients. Here at MSVIA, we represent a variety of carriers that are chosen for their financial stability and superior service. Provide peace of mind to your patients and yourself and request a quote from us. 

Webinar: COVID-19: Emerging Information in the Dark World of Cyber Liability

The Medical Society of Virginia welcomed Matt Donovan, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Facilities and Sean Liverman, Senior Business Development Executive with the Medical Society of Virginia Insurance Agency as they discuss the most prevalent causes of loss, drivers of costs during a breach, expanding efforts of malicious actors during the COVID crisis, common misconceptions regarding Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage, and methods of both risk transfer and risk mitigation. 

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